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Streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, improve inventory management, and make informed business decisions.

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Why Should You Get Our Restaurant POS Software?

The DokanE software enables you to maintain customer profiles, track order history, and manage loyalty programs. Our software generates reports on sales, inventory, labor costs, customer preferences, and more. Analyzing these insights helps in identifying trends, optimizing operations, and improving overall business performance. It assists in maintaining accurate records, managing allergen information, and ensuring compliance with health and safety guidelines.

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Streamlined Operations
The DokanE restaurant management software automates various processes involved in food and restaurant management, including order taking, table management, kitchen communication, inventory tracking, and billing. This streamlines operations, reduces manual effort, and increases overall efficiency.
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Order Management
Efficiently manage orders from multiple channels, such as in-house dining, takeout, delivery, and online ordering platforms. The software centralizes order processing, ensures accurate order routing, and facilitates seamless communication between the front of house and the kitchen.
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Table and Reservation Management
Optimize your table seating and reservations. The software enables efficient table allocation, tracks table availability, manages reservations, and optimizes seating arrangements. This reduces wait times, enhances customer satisfaction, and maximizes table turnover.
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Menu Engineering and Customization
Easily manage and customize your menu offerings. The DokanE food management software allows you to update menus in real-time, showcase specials or promotions, and accommodate customer preferences or dietary restrictions. This flexibility helps you cater to diverse customer needs and improve menu profitability.
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Inventory and Recipe Management
Take control of your inventory and recipe costing. The DokanE software tracks ingredient usage, manages inventory levels, and provides real-time updates on ingredient availability. It also helps in recipe management, ensuring accurate costing and inventory replenishment.
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Point of Sale (POS)
Simplify the checkout process and improve customer service. The DokanE software's POS module enables fast and accurate transactions, handles various payment methods, manages split bills, and generates detailed sales reports. It also integrates with peripheral devices like cash registers, card readers, and printers for seamless operations.
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